Web Design

Professional web design is a vital marketing tool for any business wanting to grow. It is very important for companies to be displaying an asthetically pleasing, fast, efficient and user friendly, optimized website in order to compete in today’s competitive business world. At Golden Heights Media our designers and developers work together to create websites with tested and proven design strategies to help increase the conversion rate and brand awareness of your OKC business.

For innovative Web Design in Oklahoma City, we always make sure to investigate the competitive landscape of your specific market. Web Design is more than just one designer or developer. It takes a team to create effective digital user experiences that attract users and invoke conversions. We are on the cutting edge of web design and development, utilizing the most advanced technologies and security software to create lasting digital impressions. Golden Heights Media web designs include many highlight points which we have named below.

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Modern Design

Old websites can hurt your company more than they help, they can actually push potential customers away! 85% of consumers find local businesses online. Users will decide within only a few seconds whether your online presence is credibile just by the astetics of your web design. With our web design, OKC business owners can make their online impression worth while.

Strategic Writing

When we write content for your website, we write it for you, the consumer, and the search engine. Our expert team of writers produces original content for each and every page we produce. We never spin content! Original content builds trust with the end user, making their descision to choose your services an obvious yes!

SEO has a role in web design

There are an infinite number of factors that contribute to your website’s SEO and ranking online. You will often find that marketing agencies say there are 200 ranking factors that Google uses. This is in fact false. While some of them are true, Google does not tell people how to rank and they don’t have a cookie cutter number for ranking websites. There are an infinite number of factors! Our developers are experienced search engine optimizers and know how to work with current ranking factors as well as discover new ones through A/B testing to ensure your optimization strategies are the most innovative for your market.